• Mon 2nd Dec 2019 - 2:10pm

    Keto Slim 7  still lose weight which of course would be the ultimate magic bullet so Qaeda San is a polysaccharide is derived from the exoskeletons of crustaceans and as I mentioned it's purported to bind dietary fat in the GI tract preventing at least some of it from being absorbed and carrying it out of the body and there have been a number of Insta Keto  small RCTs on qaeda san the Cochrane Collaboration published a review about 10 years ago on qaeda san yea the review had a total of about a 30,000 subjects that were overweight or obese you can see that the the doses of the qaeda san that were administered were quite wide ranging from 0.2 4 to 15 grams per day and in about half of the studies the subjects consumed a reduced calorie diet and in the other half they had their usual diet or some sort of behavior.

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